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What is ufirst?

ufirst is a digital platform that supports public and private facilities to digitize the customers experience in their facility. ufirst allows people to book their turn or appointment remotely, trough the App.

+ 3 mln users
+ 200 cities
+ 1800 active points
5 countries

How ufirst works

Entrance Management

ufirst allows you to manage customers access into your facility. Your customers will be able to book their turn in line through the App and get a real-time notification when their turn is approaching.

In this way they can only show up at the time of their turn, avoiding crowding or long lines at the entrance of your facility.

Fill in the form and ask for the set up in your facility.

Learn more about the Entrance Management module

Appointments Management

ufirst allows you to manage accesses to your facility thanks to the Appointments Management system. Your customers will be able to book their appointment though the App, choosing among the available time-slots that you set up.

Your customers will receive a notification the day before their appointment, and you will be able to manage everything through a single calendar.

To set up ufirst Appointments Management, you can click here.

Learn more about the Appointments Management module.

What do you need to install ufirst

ufirst is a wireless and in-cloud system: you will only need a smartphone and a WiFi connection, no server or expensive hardware. You do not even need to worry about maintainance or updates: everything is included in the service, even the human support.

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