Provide your customers with a premium service: social distancing is gauranteed with the Apppointments Management Software

Avoid peak hours by managing access through an appointments agenda

After the Covid-19 emergency, it becomes imperative to avoid that your facility is overcrowded. ufirst provides your customers with the right tool to book their appointment on site through the app, choosing the most convenient date and time among the time slots you set. Ensure a great customer experience and make your customer satisfied!

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Schedule Appointments with the Calendar

If your facility:
• offers many services

• has got more than one desk/counter

has different employees performing the same service
for each of them it will be assigned a single calendar.

In this way you can manage your appointments more efficiently.

How the Appointments Management module works

Allow your users to book the time slot their prefer

Through the app

Allow your users to book the time slot their prefer

Manage appointments

How to manage appointments

Receive a notification when a customer books an appointment

Send a reminder to your customers 24h before the scheduled appointment

Manage and monitor your Appointment calendar through the app

Manually insert the appointments of customers who do not use the app and they call you to book their appointments

Update and integrate your Appointments calendar with the digital calendar that you prefer

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Do you want to manage accesses to your facility?

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