Manage on-site queues and avoid people overcrowding

Ensure Social Distancing

Today more than ever, due to Covid-19 emergency, we need to manage customers access to shops, offices, restaurants, and any other facilities open to the public. ufirst provides a digital solution easy to use and install, that is able to manage your customer accesses allowing all private and public facilities to improve their customer experience.

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How the Entrance Management module works

Allow your customers to get in line

Through the app

Your customers can reserve their turn in line directly from their smartphone


Customers without smartphones can ask to be queued to the concierge on-site

Through an message

Your customers will be able to send a text message to the ufirst dedicated phone number. The message must include their name and the identification code of your facility

Manage Entrances

How to manage entrances

Users in line via App will be automatically notified by ufirst when it is time to get in

Users in line via text message will automatically receive a message when it is time to get in

Users queueing on-site will be manually entered into the virtual line by a concierge on-site

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