Tired to waste time in line?

You have to take care of paperworks, but you have too many people in line before you?

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Share your long waiting time on social media, insert the tag @ufirstapp and write the name of the office where you are at

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Where did you waste more time in line?

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1. Share a picture, a video or a story;

2. Tag ufirst on Instagram @ufirstapp and write the name of the facility;

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4. As an alternative, fill in the form below to join the #SOSqueue cause, and become a protagonist of your town’ digitalization process.

Queues will just be a bad memory


Share the name of the facility that needs ufirst and… get your time back!

Our aim is to let citizens become protagonists in the digtialization process of their own town!

Who, better than the citizens, knows what are the facilities that need ufirst?

It is not just a commercial campaign, it is a way to improve your city!
It is an innovative way to use social media as a way to act and engage citizens into improving everyone’s life in their city.

Play your role, ufirst will take care of the rest